Rangitoto Station walking tracks

Rangitoto Walking tracks NFRT


  1. Ranginui Trig Road: Begins near the entrance to the Station. To the left is the Mangatutu Ecological Area. Along further there are views to the right down the Owawenga valley. Excellent views and interesting vegetation (Dracophyllum) at the Trig. From the intersection with (5) the road becomes much steeper. (2 hrs or more one way)
  2. Owawenga Track: (Labeled Rangitoto Walk by Woolshed) Old 4WD. The views to the right near the start of the track are down the Waimahora Valley. To hear the kokako in the Cowan Wildlife Reserve, continue along (2) and through the gate at the back of the Station. Turn left after some distance at an obvious intersection. Just over the rise and on the right you may be able to pick up an old logging track. (1hrs from house).
  3. Rangitoto Trig Track: Begins on right about 20 min along Owawenga Track. This old 4WD track leads up through attractive regenerating bush on Cowans’ QEII covenanted land to Rangitoto Trig. Excellent views. The Trig is 7 min further on from the masts. (1? to 2? hrs one way, quick return)
  4. Cowans’ Track: Begins not long after (3) on the right along the Owawenga Track. Leads to a privately-owned locked hut (Cowans’). (About 30 mins from house).
  5. Punga Fence Track: From (1) it goes up through a quarry to the highest point on the Station, the grassy area of Baldy. Good views. From Baldy, follow the punga line down to find the continuation of the track which joins (2) near the Owawenga Stream. If going the other direction, turn left shortly past the stream, head up right off the obvious track at a cleared area with a small rimu. Follow the punga fence line up to a large log then turn left.
  6. Zigzag Track: Short track down to (1) from airstrip. Begins a short way south of the concrete structure – sharp left. Joins (1) at the end of the quarry.
  7. Airstrip Track: On the right past the stream on the Ranginui Trig Road. The quickest route up to the airstrip is past the Woolshed and straight up the hill to meet with the Airstrip Track.
  8. Saddle Track: Bush track for trampers. Start is from the saddle along from quarry. Connects with (5). A magnificent rimu a few seconds in, and good bird life (robins).
  9. Mangatutu Track: Begins at signpost on left along Ranginui Trig Road. Goes through kokako territory. (about 3 hrs round trip)
  10. 9a. Mangatutu Extension: From Mangatutu Stream back up to Ranginui Trig Road. (Up to 6 hrs for round trip from house)
  11. Waterfalls Track: Turn up right before entering the bush along the Owawenga Track.. From the first falls it is possible to go downstream further to another larger waterfall. (15 mins)

Parent Reserve: Rangitoto Reserve

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