About the Trust

Since its founding in 1980, the Native Forest Restoration Trust has acquired land to promote the regeneration of forests, protect important species and restore their habitats, and to improve the quality of our waterways. It has purchased and protected well over 7,000 hectares of native forests and wetlands throughout New Zealand.

The Trust is assisted by many volunteers who give freely of their time to plant trees, help with maintenance and carry out administrative tasks.

A large number of supporters donate regularly and they receive regular newsletters, respond to opportunities for planting programmes, assist with funding for appeals and provide invaluable feedback.

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How you can help

From its inception the Trust has depended upon the generosity of benefactors, donors and supporters in order to pursue its goals. While not everyone can donate a regenerating forest or the funds to buy one, every little helps.

Our supporters are a very valued part of the Trust’s ongoing activities, serving as a means to keep the flame alive, to get messages out to the wider community and to provide feedback. Fundraising drives are launched for specific acquisitions.

From time to time opportunities arise to take an active role – see Get involved for more information. In return for an annual donation our supporters receive copies of our newsletter Canopy.

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Reserves and Projects

The Trust’s numerous reserves require active management to control the spread of weeds and the proliferation of predators of birds. While each reserve has an honorary ranger, there are always tasks that can be undertaken by local ‘friends’. If you want to assist in the upkeep of a reserve near you, please contact us.

Now and again, particularly after the acquisition of a new reserve, there are tree-planting projects to be carried through. There is nothing more satisfying than to place a young plant in the ground and know that it will live on for the rest of your lifetime and beyond, giving joy to all and an environment for our precious wildlife. Major projects are announced well in advance through Canopy and in this website’s news section.

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Latest News

NFRT Wins Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Award
NFRT Wins Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Award
We’re very pleased to announce that the Native Forest Restoration Trust was one of three winners in the Environmental action in the community category at last night’s Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Awards. The award is for “restoration and permanent guardianship of native forest habitats” and was in recognition of our collaborative efforts with the QEII Trust, the Department of Conservation, Taranaki Regional ...

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