Rangitoto Station

Rangitoto Station NFRT

Location Rangitoto Station Reserve lies high up on the Rangitoto Range in the King Country, south-east of Otorohanga. It is a 427ha block of regenerating bush surrounded on all sides by protected mature forest, including Pureora Forest Park, private reserves and Maori Trust land. History Successive owners of the station tried to develop the land…

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Rangitoto Station walking tracks

Rangitoto Walking tracks NFRT

  1. Ranginui Trig Road: Begins near the entrance to the Station. To the left is the Mangatutu Ecological Area. Along further there are views to the right down the Owawenga valley. Excellent views and interesting vegetation (Dracophyllum) at the Trig. From the intersection with (5) the road becomes much steeper. (2 hrs or more one…

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Mangatutu and Tunawaea kokako project

  Background: This project has evolved from the initiative that saw the protection of Rangitoto Station by the Restoration Trust. The purchase of this property has provided increased opportunity and involvement by members of the Restoration Trust, the Otorohanga Zoological Society and public generally in active, on the ground conservation management, including predator control, to…

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Rauroa Bush

Location The Rauroa Bush Reserve is in the Western King Country near Mahoenui between Te Kuiti and Awakino. It is 287ha of mature hill country forest with cut over forest to the north stretching to the Herangi Range and the Whareorino Forest, and farmland to the south. History The block was purchased in 1997. It…

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Retaruke & Kurua

Location These two blocks (Retaruke 199ha, Kurua 15ha) are within a few kilometres of each other in the hills about 24km south west of Owhango in the southern King Country. History Both blocks were offered to the Trust for purchase by the farming owners in 1997 who were selling up unwanted land. Vegetation The larger…

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Steuart Russell

Location The 645ha Steuart Russell Reserve is located approximately 12km north of Awakino, between Manganui Rd and the coast. It ranges from its highest point at Mt. Duthie (372m a.s.l.) down to 60m. The reserve is scenically attractive with extensive views over the forested area and surrounding farmland out to sea. History The block had…

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Tui Glen

Location The Tui Glen reserve is part of a farm owned by Mark Frederikson. The 100 hectare area purchased extends to the Te Anga road west of Waitomo Caves. Description The Frederikson family has been involved in the protection of the Waitomo river and caves since the early days and have a covenant and plantings…

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Waiwawa NFRT

Location The 61 ha Waiwawa Reserve is located in the Coromandel Ranges at the highest point on the Tapu Coroglen Road. It is adjacent to #1438 Tapu Coroglen Rd (Haynes’ “Summit Ranch”). The Reserve is on the southern side of the Tapu Coroglen Road with the DOC Conservation Park to the east, the Haynes property…

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Cynthia Hewett Memorial – Tararu

Location Situated in the headwaters of the Tararu Stream 8 kilometres north of Thames. Description 90 hectares of regenerating forest. Much of the site is secondary broadleaf forest, with old growth manuka/kanuka scrub, although there is some original forest present, mainly in gullies.  The scattering of puriri, karaka, pohutukawa and rata reflect the coastal influence.…

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Omoana Bush

Omoana NFRT

Location Taranaki district. 35km east of Eltham, towards the Matemateonga Ranges; a head catchment of the Patea River. Description Extended by a further 226 hectares in 2016, taking it to 560 hectares of bush and regenerating scrub. The southern boundary is a metalled road, the eastern and northern boundaries follow paper roads, the western boundary…

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